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5 Android apps sure to fascinate you


Strava is the all time fitness app. Unlike most other apps it does not help with training by giving lessons rather helps you keep track. It not only allows you to keep tabs on your workout and set goals, but even makes you compete with yourself, giving your whole workout a competitive edge. The app is great, and whether your a bicyclist or a gym-goer, give it a try.

_Google Photos_

There are loads of editing apps in the store. What makes Google Photos better than most of those is its unlimited storage capabilities, all for free! The app allows you to store, edit, make collages and organise photos easily in albums. And the interface is also very simple and easily understandable.


To put it simply, it’s a jukebox! Spotify allows you to listen to live streaming songs online, wherever you are. And on iOS, you can listen to a music to your heart’s content, all for free.

Even though the app has a premium feature which requires payment, the live streaming isn’t that bad. It doesn’t allow you to download songs or get them ad free unless you’re a premium member though. But all in all, it’s a great app to try if you’re a music lover.


The app is basically a live video streaming app. It does not hold much storage capabilities but keeps a video for 24 hours before it’s unloaded. You can also stream live videos, much like a video tweet. The spontaneity of the users sure is fun and unlike tweeters, it allows you to share a whole lot of stuff in one take.


Fed up of emailing links to yourself or send stuff to your iPhone from your computer? PushBullet solves the problem for you. With just a touch, you can share files from your computer into your iPhone without going through all that trouble. You can share notifications, messages, files, links and much more without taking your phone out at all. But what separates this app is the speed of the transfer, which, as it is aptly named, goes like a bullet!