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iPhone 7+ dual rear camera spells trouble for camera industry

The camera industry has been in trouble for many years now. But at a recent interaction, Kazou Ninomiya, Nikon’s top man in India, suggested that camera business will benefit from its main rival, the smartphone, if even a small portion of the millions of people experiencing smartphone photography decide to …

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95 million photos and videos shared every day on Instagram

more than 80 percent of whom are outside the United States, the company said on Tuesday, in a sign of the photo-sharing app’s rapidly growing global reach. The company owned by Facebook Inc had 400 million users last September. It has seen its user base more than double over the …

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PayPal is being introduced in the Bangladesh soon

PayPal online transactions and payment of international organizations soon going to start their activities in Bangladesh. The launch of the technology spectrum, and PayPal when it will be good news for the tech generation. This year, they launched the PayPal can also expect many technicians. PayPal is free for the …

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Without pesticides, pest control device of Mosaddak

the devastating impact of pesticides to protect crops from the soil and protect the environment has made Mosaddeq mechanical insect suppression techniques. Mossadeq was shaken textbooks, knowing the harmful effects of pesticides. After a half-year study using electricity to control insects, mechanical methods are successful. One acre of land a …

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Top Web Hosting Company OF 2016

What kind of hosting you need depends on your business requirements, but it basically comes in three flavors: Shared Hosting: The least expensive and most common form of web hosting. It’s also the least powerful — different customers “share” a server’s resources among potentially hundreds of clients. Managed wordpress Hosting: …

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