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How to invite people who not in your Frnd list

How to invite people on your facebook fan page who not in your friend list ? now every webmaster Know about facebook ads (Boost Post) . whene we boost a post or crate ads on facebook too many pepole like on our post. we just click on likes or reaction …

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Why this URL is not available for signing up with AdSense

This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense: Most likely, that message means your site has been pre-disapproved by AdSense. There must be a whole lot wrong with it for that to happen. I spent about 3 seconds on your site and came to the conclusion that your …

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How SSL certificates Works & why important?

You’ll see SSL in action if you use the web’s most popular websites. For example, go to Google or Facebook. You will see two things in your browser that show you that these websites have made a secure connection between their web servers and your browser. ⇨ HTTPS: the first …

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how to off wp auto Drafts

WordPress automatically saves drafts of posts while you are working. These saved drafts, known as revisions, can be used to roll a post back to a previous edition, if needed. It’s possible to disable auto saving drafts in WordPress by modifying the WordPress configuration file. #Step 1 Connect to the …

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Tips to PROTECT your website from hack

Cybercrime is ever-encroaching and can happen to anyone. Including you and your business. The problem goes far beyond the leaking of sensitive emails and sexy selfies. Targeted attacks against small businesses nearly doubled . the one in five that experience a cyber attack annually, 60% will close their doors within …

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