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Features You NEED to Try on iOS 10

The day is finally here: iOS 10 is out and with it, new emoji, iMessage tricks, and much more. Before you update, make sure to back up your phone! To be extra careful, download the update via your computer instead of over WiFi. Many people reported that the update over WiFi bricked their iPhones, and though Apple says the issue is fixed, better to be safe than sorry.

#If you’re wary of downloading the newest update before any bugs are fixed and it’s fully polished, take a look ahead for what you can expect to start using and loving.

#Finally, you can delete the apps you don’t like from your phone.

#It’s a small update, but instead of swiping to unlock your phone, just press the home button to do so.

#Swipe left and you’ll see a brand-new Today view that you can customize with widgets. It’s a useful update for anyone who likes a quick and easy-to-read glance at their day and to-dos.

#Are you constantly wondering if you turned on WiFi or not? Swipe up from the bottom and those settings are color-coded now to signify whether they’re on or not.

#Instead of swiping from the bottom right corner, just swipe right on your home screen and you’re instantly in camera mode.

#Now, when you receive a new notification, you can tap on it and it’ll open as a pop-up, even if you’re in another app.

#Express all your emotions — even if they’re in GIF form — just by searching in iMessage. To get to this, tap the right arrow icon and then the icon with the paintbrush and pencil. You can search for GIFs and images or send Apple Music links.

#To access Digital Touch, tap the right arrow > icon with a heart and two fingers. Here, you’ll see all the features you can send that will show up as animations to the person you send it to.

#Draw on photos you send to friends and family: Add text, shapes, and more with Markup. First, take or upload a photo or video. Tap on it when it shows up in the typing area and select the Markup option. Now feel free to draw, add text, and even zoom in on certain parts of the photo.

#Never send a misunderstood text again: In iOS 10, you can now select two different categories of effects to send with your message. You can choose the bubble effects, which will send your text with a slam, loud, gentle, or invisible ink effect.

#Animate your text screen with fun full-screen effects:Make a text extra special with the following full-screen effects: ballons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, and a shooting star.

#Let emoji do all the texting for you:Use the new iOS 10 emoji to their full extent with the predictive emoji feature. Now, whenever you write something that could possibly be replaced by emoji, the right emoji will show up.

#React to texts if you’re in a rush: If you can’t write a longer response when you receive a text, you can react to it instead. Similar to Facebook reactions, you can choose from a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, “Ha Ha,” two exclamation points, and a question mark.

#Turn on read receipts for certain people: If you’re someone who likes read receipts but not for every single one of your contacts, turn it on for only the ones you want.

#Maps will try to predict your life for you.
When you’re using Maps, the app will try to predict certain activities for you, like calculating how to get home or suggesting places and directions.

#Search through your photos: Quickly find a photo by searching a location or person.