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New Connection Offer on Robi, 5GB free with SIM card

________Activation Bonus:
✅ Tk. 5 balance in main account, valid for 15 days
✅ 50 SMS free to any local number, valid for 30 days

________5GB offer
✅ Customer will get the 5GB in two installments of 2.5GB each.
✅ First 2.5GB received on first time recharge of BDT 29 along with rate cutter offer
✅ Second 2.5GB received on the 31st day from first installment receive date
✅ Bonus internet can be used for any use
✅ Bonus internet usage time :
✅ 2GB can be used from 2 am to 12 pm
✅ 0.5GB (500MB) can be used from 12pm to 2 am
✅ Each 2.5GB installment will be valid for 7 days (including day of receiving)

________Recharge-Based Rate-Cutters:
✅ Tk. 29 Easyload or Scratch card recharge Tk. 79 Easyload Recharge Robi-Robi (paisa/second) 0.5 0.5 Robi-Other Operators (paisa/second) 1 1 Validity (Days) 15 30
✅ On first 29 tk Easyload or SC recharge, 2.5GB will also be received along with the rate cutter offer. For any recharge ✅ after that, only rate cutter offer will be received. BDT 29 will be added to main account.

✅ A customer is eligible to use the Tk. 29 Scratch Card only ONCE in a 15-day period.

______General Conditions:
✅ On account of multiple recharges within the running validity period, the new longer validity period will be activated.
✅ Migration-in to this new package is NOT allowed.
✅ Migration-out from this new package is allowed. On migrating out to other Robi packages, the customer will NOT carry the rate-cutter offer.
✅ After the respective validity period, the default call rate of 19 paisa/10 second will be applicable.
Balance check codes
✅ Particular Code Main account balance *222# Bonus SMS *222*12# Bonus internet *123*3*5#
✅ 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD, and 1% surcharge on tariff will be applicable.