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Tips to PROTECT your website from hack

Cybercrime is ever-encroaching and can happen to anyone. Including you and your business. The problem goes far beyond the leaking of sensitive emails and sexy selfies. Targeted attacks against small businesses nearly doubled . the one in five that experience a cyber attack annually, 60% will close their doors within six months as a result..

But not you. Here’s how you can protect your websites.

# Be password-savvy: If your password is still “Password123,” it’s time to get serious. Create unique codes for each of your accounts, and make sure they’re at least 8 characters long (with a few special ones thrown in). Use password managers like LastPass 3.0 .

# Encrypt emails and valuable information: If a hacker does breach your system, encryption makes it that much harder to get away with critical data. Voltage, Motivation, and Proofpoint are industry leaders worth checking out.

# Back up your data: Copying your key company data onto a cloud-based system, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, or a USB hard drive takes minutes, and will save you time and anxiety if your system is ever compromised.