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Without pesticides, pest control device of Mosaddak

the devastating impact of pesticides to protect crops from the soil and protect the environment has made Mosaddeq mechanical insect suppression techniques.

Mossadeq was shaken textbooks, knowing the harmful effects of pesticides. After a half-year study using electricity to control insects, mechanical methods are successful.

One acre of land a farmer at least one year, three crops of insect-control cost of only 3 to 8 at a cost of pest control is possible with this device. Then one acre of land can be used for a hit and three years.
January 16, without pesticides and agricultural land in the suppression of harmful insects, the best method of Digital Innovation Fair has earned the award. The city was awarded to develop another method of suppressing insects without pesticides fair Mossadeq.

Md. Ideal College Mosaddek Dinajpur Sadar Dinajpur pulahata third-year student of the Department of Botany of the son of Idris Ali. Meanwhile, the college administration spends his free education has a full scholarship, he said.

Mosaddak said, without pesticides, insect-control device in front of the fire, and yellow colors by using LED bulbs that attract insects. Soon as they reached the air drawn through the device to light insect caught in the jar. Bluyara four wind instruments around the machine and pulled in front of the lamp is attached bluyarera. Using mechanical techniques, without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers will be able to control insects. Due to the necessity of the use of solar power to the machine has been used. Electricity from solar power is stored in the pokake attracted to the lights burning. The air drawn into the instrument using the pokake.

He said, at a cost of only 3 of steel, solar, 1-volt battery, motor and LED bulbs, switch boards can be made using the machine. Meanwhile, the use of crops in the field Majra, brown grasshoppers, flies the insect, cutti pokasaha have been able to catch harmful insects.

He said, “My buggy has a garden of it. Basalei acres of land will be an instrument and it can be used for 3 years without any cost. This will save both time and cost farmers. As well as protection of the environment and the land will not be any harm. ”

Khalekuzzaman said the college principal, a student at the College of the Mosaddeq Hossain regional, divisional, won multiple awards at the national level. College education is completely free of his administration have been given a full scholarship.