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How to solve this URL is not available for sign-up with adsense

How to solved this URL IS not available for sing-up with adsense 1# create Youtube Channel 2# Upload Videos 3# Apply For Adsense After Approved Your Adsense Now you can Apply For Your Website This call Upgrade Your Hosted Account To Non-Hosted: How To Upgrade AdSense Hosted Account? So here is the process to convert […]


Adsense Account approved, but why monetization still Not Enabled?

From Youtube I was directed to Adsense where I completed the process and received an email from Adsense an hour later to confirm account was fully approved. However, in Youtube, the monetization section still reads “Not Enabled”, and when I click “Enable” I’m taken to the “Set up Adsense” page on YT which takes me […]


How To Redirect Website Without cPanel Via Script

Redirect Website Without cPanel , just use Script in your website body . some times free or try hosting are not provide Redirection from cPanel . some times hosting compeny lock Redirection whene expierd your hosting but they dealy to deleted or caleling your account up to 10 day . today we learn how To […]


Wp Script For Random Post From Specific Category

This Script will list random posts from a chosen category. You can choose how many posts to display, and whether to show the excerpt or the full content in addition to the post title. You may also link the widget title to the category archive if you like. Just copy and paste this Script where […]


How to Add , Removed or change user ID password from cpanel

How to Add , Removed or change wordpress site “user” ID and password from cpanel . 1st step: login your cpanel with ID and password. (your website url/cpanel) 2nd step: select “phpMyAdmin” on database tools options. 3rd step: select “wpusers” now you can see your user list. 4th step: here you see (edit/copy/delete) button . […]