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Use internet in you PC without modem or router

Wireless devices are not usually on the desktop. Although home WiFi router WiFi receiver on the desktop because the Internet can not be used on the desktop. As an alternative to use the modem or a broadband line. However, if you do not use the router to your desktop or mobile internet, you can use it on any additional device.

Even if your home WiFi connection, mobile Wi-Fi connection to the Internet with a data cable can be used with a desktop. Come to know that there is no easy way to use the WiFi network to the desktop.

1. Mobile Internet Connection
II. Data cable

How to:

Turn on WiFi or mobile data connection first. Connect the data cable to the desktop. Do not turn on USB storage option without having to make a mistake. Go to the phone’s settings. “Data usage” option, then “my” touch option. More from tidarim and portable hotspot ‘enter. The “USB tidarim ‘will find the option. Turn on this option.

Diameter, finishing work. The Wi-Fi or data connection on your desktop to run the Internet. And you will not need any other device.