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Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro

Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro

Best Quality Original Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro

Elevate your outdoor surveillance game with the Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro, exclusively available from Above IT. This advanced outdoor camera redefines security by offering a 360-degree view with dual 3-megapixel lenses. Learn more about its features designed to provide unparalleled monitoring capabilities.


  • Specification Of Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro:

  • 1. Dual lens, each lens 3 mega pixels 360 degree
  • 2. Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and AP Hotspot, LAN Port
  • 3. Live footage.
  • 4. Footage can be saved to the memory card.
  • 5. HD (1080p) quality video recording
  • 6. The voice is recorded.
  • 7. Colorful night vision is available.
  • 8. 128 GB memory supported.
  • 9. Motion sensor
  • 10. notification alarm system
  • 11. water resistance
  • 12. outdoor camera.
  • 13. 1-year warranty.



The Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro is a powerhouse of technology, featuring dual 3MP lenses for complete 360-degree coverage. Connect seamlessly through Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, AP Hotspot, and LAN Port for versatile connectivity. Store footage locally on a memory card, ensuring continuous monitoring without missing a beat. Capture vivid details with HD (1080p) video recording, backed by audio recording and vibrant night vision. With support for up to 128GB memory, a motion sensor, a notification alarm system, and water resistance, this outdoor camera is your trusty sentinel. Enjoy the added benefit of a 1-year warranty.

  • Why Choose Above IT:
  • 1. Warranty Assurance: Above IT stands by the durability of its products. Experience peace of mind with our extensive 1-year warranty.
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  • 3. After-Sales Excellence: Our commitment doesn’t end with the purchase. Benefit from superior after-sales service and comprehensive video tutorials to make setup a breeze.
  • Price in BD and Where to Buy:
  • 1. Price: Discover competitive pricing for the Dual Lens PTZ Outdoor Wi-Fi V380 Pro at Above IT. Experience advanced outdoor security without breaking the bank.
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Above IT Advantage:
We prioritize your satisfaction. Above IT not only provides the best after-sales service but also comprehensive video tutorials, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup.

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