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C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G SIM Camera

C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G SIM Camera

Elevate your surveillance game with the C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G, a cutting-edge innovation from Above IT tailored for the dynamic needs of Bangladesh. This state-of-the-art camera features double lenses with an impressive 3x3-megapixel resolution, providing a panoramic 360-degree view for comprehensive surveillance. What sets it apart is the introduction of 4G SIM support, ensuring seamless connectivity and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Secure the genuine 4G Dual Lens Camera by V380 with SIM support in Bangladesh at the most competitive price and exclusive warranty, available only at Above IT.

Key Features:

  1. Double Lens Excellence: Boasting two lenses with a 3x3-megapixel resolution, the 360-degree fixed lens eliminates blind spots for thorough surveillance.

  2. 4G SIM Supported: Stay seamlessly connected with 4G SIM support, enhancing security monitoring and control capabilities with real-time live footage.

  3. Live Footage and Two-Way Talking: Experience the convenience of real-time monitoring and interactive communication through live footage and two-way talking features.

  4. Memory Card Footage Storage: Conveniently store footage directly to a memory card with support for up to 64 GB, allowing for easy playback without compromising quality.

  5. HD Quality Video Recording: Ensure high-definition video recording, capturing every detail with clarity for precise surveillance results.

  6. Voice Recording: Capture audio alongside video for a more comprehensive monitoring experience, enhancing overall security capabilities.

  7. Colorful Night Vision: Enjoy vibrant and colorful night vision for detailed surveillance even in low-light conditions.

  8. Live Streaming: The C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G offers live streaming capabilities, providing real-time access to surveillance footage.

  9. Expandable Storage: With support for SD cards up to 64 GB, the camera allows you to expand storage capacity based on your specific needs.

  10. Motion Sensor: The built-in motion sensor triggers alerts or recordings when motion is detected, enhancing security and ensuring prompt notification of any activity.

  11. 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, showcasing our commitment to the durability and reliability of our product.

Invest in the future of surveillance technology with Above IT's C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G—your ultimate solution for advanced connectivity and comprehensive monitoring.

Experience cutting-edge surveillance with our 4G SIM Camera in Bangladesh. Discover the versatility of SIM-supported IP cameras at competitive prices. Explore the latest 4G IP cameras and solar-powered PTZ options, all available at affordable rates in Bangladesh. Stay ahead in security technology with our range of 4G-enabled cameras, ensuring reliable and efficient monitoring. Elevate your surveillance game with top-notch products tailored to the dynamic needs of Bangladesh.

Why Choose Above IT:

  • Quality Assurance: Above IT is committed to providing top-tier quality and performance. Our products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee durability and reliability.
  • After-Sales Excellence: Beyond the purchase, Above IT is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales service. Access comprehensive video tutorials for a hassle-free setup.
  • Competitive Pricing: Explore competitive pricing for the C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G at Above IT. We offer affordability without compromising on features.

Where to Buy:

For an authentic purchase experience and access to original products, visit our official website at Elevate your surveillance game with the C10 Dual Lens Camera 4G from Above IT.

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