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Single Lens V380 Bulb Camera 360

Single Lens V380 Bulb Camera 360

Elevate your security with the V380 Bulb Camera 360 Degree, an innovative solution offered by Above IT. This single-lens, 2-megapixel camera is designed for versatile surveillance, equipped with features that ensure optimal monitoring and recording of your surroundings.

Authentic V380 Bulb Camera 360 Degree IP WiFi Camera, Original Product, Best Price in Bangladesh with Warranty.

  1. Single Lens Brilliance: The V380 Bulb Camera 360 features a powerful single lens with a 2-megapixel resolution, providing clear and detailed footage for a comprehensive view.
  2. Wifi 2.4 GHz and AP Hotspot: Stay connected effortlessly with 2.4 GHz Wifi support and an Access Point (AP) Hotspot, allowing you to access live footage and control the camera remotely.
  3. Live Footage and Two-Way Talking: Experience real-time monitoring with live footage capabilities. The two-way talking feature adds an interactive element, allowing you to communicate through the camera.
  4. Memory Card Footage Storage:  Enjoy the convenience of storing footage directly to a memory card. With support for up to 64 GB, you can store a significant amount of data without compromising quality.
  5. HD Quality Video Recording: The camera ensures high-definition video recording, capturing every detail to provide clear and precise surveillance results.
  6. Voice Recording: Voice recording adds an additional layer of security. Capture audio alongside video for a more comprehensive monitoring experience.
  7. Colorful Night Vision: The night vision capability provides vibrant and colorful footage during low-light conditions, ensuring that your surveillance is effective round the clock.
  8. Live Streaming Without Internet & Wi-Fi: Experience the flexibility of live streaming within 150 feet without Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature ensures continuous monitoring even in areas with limited connectivity.
  9. Expandable Storage: The V380 Bulb Camera 360 supports memory cards up to 64 GB, allowing you to expand storage capacity according to your needs.
  10. Motion Sensor: The built-in motion sensor enhances security by triggering alerts or recordings when motion is detected, keeping you informed of any activity.
  11. 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to the durability and reliability of our product.

Price and Where to Buy:

For the latest pricing on the V380 Bulb Camera 360 and to make a purchase, visit our official website at Experience innovative surveillance with affordability and reliability.

Bulb Camera 360 App and Reviews:

Access the Bulb Camera 360 app for seamless control and monitoring. Read reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the advanced features of our IP bulb camera.

How to Get the V380 Pro App:

For Android Users: Visit the Google Play Store, search for "V380 Pro," and click "Install."

For iOS Users: Open the App Store, search for "V380 Pro," and tap "Get" to download the app.

Experience Smart Security:

The V380 Pro app enhances the capabilities of your Bulb Camera 360, providing a comprehensive solution for smart and effective surveillance. Download the app today and unlock a new dimension of security control.

Why Choose Above IT:

  1. Quality Assurance: Above IT guarantees top-tier quality and performance. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability.
  2. After-Sales Excellence: Beyond the purchase, Above IT is committed to providing exceptional after-sales service. Access comprehensive video tutorials for a hassle-free setup.
  3. Competitive Pricing: Explore competitive pricing for the Champion Bulb Camera 360 at Above IT. Enjoy affordability without compromising on features.

Where to Buy:

For an authentic purchase experience and access to original products, visit our official website at Invest in smart surveillance with the V380 Bulb Camera 360 from Above IT.

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