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Owl robot d1 - 1200mah (4h) V380 Pro

Owl robot d1 - 1200mah (4h) V380 Pro

Best Quality Owl robot d1 - 1200mah (4h) V380 Pro IP Wi-Fi CC Camera


Meet the Owl Robot D1, a marvel in surveillance technology, brought to you by Above IT. This intelligent device is not just a camera; it's a comprehensive security solution. Dive into the details of its impressive features designed to redefine your surveillance experience.


Specification of Owl Robot D1:

Single lens, 2 megapixels 180 degrees
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and AP Hotspot
Battery backup: 4 hours (1200mah)
Live footage (smartphone).
Footage can be saved to the memory card.
HD (1080p) quality video recording
The voice is recorded.
Night vision is available.
128 GB memory supported.
Motion sensor, notification alarm system.
7 days warranty.


The Owl Robot D1 is engineered with a single 2-megapixel lens, offering a panoramic 180-degree view for extensive coverage. Connect seamlessly with Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and an AP Hotspot for uninterrupted monitoring. With a robust 1200mAh battery, enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous surveillance. Access live footage directly on your smartphone and save recordings to a memory card. Capture crystal-clear details with HD (1080p) video recording, accompanied by voice recording and enhanced night vision. The Owl Robot D1 is your vigilant guardian, supporting up to 128GB memory, equipped with a motion sensor, and a notification alarm system for added security. Avail the peace of mind with our 7-day warranty.

Why Choose Above IT:

1. Warranty Assurance: Above IT prioritizes your satisfaction. Benefit from a 7-day warranty, ensuring the reliability of your investment.
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3. After-Sales Excellence: Our commitment extends beyond the purchase. Experience top-notch after-sales service from our dedicated support team.
4. Price in BD and Where to Buy:

  • Price: Explore affordability with the Owl Robot D1. Above IT offers competitive pricing for this cutting-edge surveillance solution. 
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Above IT Advantage:

As a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, Above IT provides the best after-sales service and comprehensive video tutorials. We understand the importance of an easy setup, and our tutorials are designed to make the process seamless.

Secure your surroundings with the Owl Robot D1 – your intelligent guardian from Above IT. Choose us for original products, unmatched warranty, and exceptional after-sales support. Visit today and elevate your surveillance experience.

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