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V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera

V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera

Best Quality V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera


Embrace the future of surveillance technology with our cutting-edge security solution. Our latest offering boasts a single lens, 2MP camera with an expansive 180-degree view, providing unparalleled coverage. Whether it's for home security or business monitoring, this device sets a new standard in smart surveillance.

Discover advanced surveillance with our latest offering:

  1. Crystal Clear Vision: Single lens, 2MP with a wide 180-degree view.
  2. Seamless Connectivity: Connect effortlessly through Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and AP Hotspot.
  3. Extended Battery Life: Experience an impressive 10-hour battery backup (5200mAh).
  4. Live Streaming: Enjoy real-time video streaming for immediate monitoring.
  5. Memory Flexibility: Store footage conveniently on a memory card.
  6. High-Definition Recording: Capture every detail in stunning 1080p HD video.
  7. Audio Clarity: Record and playback with integrated audio recording.
  8. Night Vision Capability: Enhance security with advanced night vision.
  9. Expandable Storage: Support for memory cards up to 128GB.
  10. Smart Security: Built-in motion sensor and notification alarm system.
  11. Peace of Mind: Backed by a 7-day warranty.

Elevate your security game with technology that safeguards, 24/7.


Experience convenience and peace of mind with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, an impressive 10-hour battery life, and real-time video streaming. This device allows you to store footage on a memory card, providing high-definition recording and clear audio capture. Advanced functionalities include night vision, expandable storage up to 128GB, and a smart motion sensor for comprehensive security. Control the camera fully via your smartphone using the V380 Pro app, available for both Android and iPhone. Backed by a 7-day warranty, it's time to upgrade your security with confidence.


What is the price of the V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera in Bangladesh?

Looking for the price of the V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera in Bangladesh? You can find it for around ৳6,999 TK on, but please note that the price may vary depending on your customization needs and product availability. As an imported product, the price is subject to regular updates.

To get the most up-to-date pricing information, please visit our website at or contact us directly: at 01821422222. You can easily purchase the V380 A2 egg - 5200 mah (10h) IP Wi-Fi Camera from anywhere in Bangladesh through our website.

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